Understanding The Virtual Space

First of all the class viewed a selective attention video which was created by Harvard, psychologist,  Christopher Chabris. The video interacted with the audience by asking us to count how many times the people in the white shirts passed the ball to each other. This is not as simple as it sounds as there is also a team wearing black shirts passing another ball between themselves. There where fifteen passes between the white team but what fifty percent of people do not notice is the Gorilla walking through their field of vision. People who did not notice the Gorilla are said to be attentive or have selective attention, which means they solely concentrated on the number of passes and therefore did not notice the Gorilla walking past.  This can be good and bad thing for example these people concentrate solely on the task given to them, but when applied to everyday tasks such as driving whilst on the phone they will not notice hazards around them.

Whereas the people who did notice the Gorilla are said to be good at multitasking (Still not a good idea to talk on the phone whilst driving though). This means that the people who were able to count the number of passes and notice the Gorilla are better at everyday multitasking. Although this can also lead to lack of attention to detail.   

Data and The Internet.

Next we were advised to deactivate our social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter because the N.S.A  The National Security Agency gather everyone’s personal information of these social networking sites and selling said information to spam companies for money. Makes you wonder why the data protection act even exists and rethink what information you put online. It’s always good to have your own spam email address.

Internet Vs Interweb

The internet is the infrastructure or the metaphorical highway or the road itself. Whereas  the Interweb is the actual/ creative content i.e. a nice Ford Mustang driving up that highway. Highway would bare without its cars.  The Interweb is completely user submitted content.

The Internet was first created in the early sixties by M.I.T, the American military.  This was the cold war era, the internet was used to share information from one friendly government to another or a communications network to use even if the telephone networks where down.

Technology took a big step forward during the “hippy movement” and the creation of Techno sound (Grateful Dead). This was a time where many people experimented with acid to open their minds. Even universities (not knowing the dangers/side effects of the drug at the time) carried out acid experiments on people 1968-1972. A journalist/novelist Ken Kesey frequently volunteered himself for such tests and often threw acid parties whilst listening to the Grateful Dead. Kesey believed that it was the acid that expanded his mind inspired him to write his best seller “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” Which explains alot.

The first Google was created by Stewart Brand another acid user. This first Google was paper based and called the Whole Earth Catalogue (today the book is worth two thousand cash).   The first issue was only sixty-one pages which covered issues such as communication, shelter, crafts etc. In the up and coming years the catalogue was released twice a year with an extra three hundred and thirty nine pages.  The catalogue is the first of its kind to “establish a relationship between information technology, economic activity, and alternative forms of community that would outlast the counterculture itself and become a key feature in the digital world.”  The Whole Earth Catalogue inspired Steve Jobs to create Apple (Stay Hungry, Stay Stupid). The idea was to create a more personal internet, which lead to West side, East side split. The West side wanted to create a more personal interface such as the PC. Whereas the East side was Microsoft and artificial intelligence. 


Cyberspace is an alternative reality/space or a space to be filled, coined by Brand.  On a visit to Stanford University Stewart discovered the computer game pong. He was so astounded that the game was created without the aid of acid he quit using.  Stewart decided that the internet could be used to help people  and create a virtual reality or online communities. The Whole Earth Catalogue was then digitised and its name was changed to W.E.L.L, Whole Earth Lectronic Link.

The idea for a virtual community was coined by Howard Rheingold, this was an alternative way of thinking from the likes of Microsoft.

Electronic Frontier

Technology has come a long way from the early sixties. With inventions such as Iproducts, the Samsung smart watch which was alot to be desired. Keep a look out for the I.watch. Finally the most anticipated release of Google glasses in 2014.


Brand introduced the first hackers conference in 1984 in California.  Stewart believed that hackers where the” wizards of the electrical age”  the hackers rewarded him by posting his bank details online.








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